Victorian Magnet Calendar Giveaway Winners!

Ah... today's the big day! The day I pull the names of three winners for last Treasure Box Wednesday's Victorian magnet calendar drawing.

I want to thank each and everyone for responding, and for sharing what it is you do to decorate for various holidays. It was a lot of fun getting to read how different people celebrate by decorating their homes-- and I hope it offered a whole new bunch of possibilities for you all, too, getting to see what other folks are up to, year-round!

Anyway, I won't hold you in suspense any longer. I took the name of each person who responded to me-- including you folks who emailed me directly-- and wrote it on a slip of paper which I folded equally and put in this hat...

Then, closing my eyes, I drew three names. And they are, in no particular order...
  • Lola LaFayette
  • Andrea
  • and Linda!

Congratulations, ladies! If you email me your addresses and full name at thriftshopromanticAT macDOTcom (replacing the AT with an @ an the DOT with a . ) I will get your calendars out to you.

Thanks so much, everyone, for playing along!


Linda said...

Oh Yippee! I won! So excited. Thanks Jenn, I've emailed you my name and address. Thank you!!

feefeelatu said...

Congratulations to the winners! Thanks for the generosity! :)

Lola LaFayette said...

Wow, this is great!

Just sent you an email.