Wonderland Mad Tea Party

Today's post will be a bit short, as I've been running around working on various projects and haven't seemed to have gotten any of them quite complete and up-to-snuff. (Why snuff is the verbal barometer for quality only the annals of time and perhaps Skoal knows.)

Anyway, one of the things I was messing around with was a Valentine's table with a mad teaparty sort of feel to it. It's not done yet-- much messing still to go on and madness to add-- but I thought you all might enjoy seeing where it is at the moment...

Every piece of china on here is mismatched, and even the lusterware teacups had their saucers swapped for ones of another color.

While I did this with various pieces of floral luster transferware-- most of it dating from around 1910-- you could do just as well with crystal plates of all different shapes and styles, pottery pieces like Fiesta and its brethren... Really, the possibilities are endless!

It helps if they have some sort of common theme, though, so the look isn't too jarring.
You can see here the plates, cups and saucers are in pinks, greens, golds, reds and peaches.

You'll notice even the candlesticks don't match-- one being a candleabra filled with candles of all colors and sizes, and the other being a single candlestick... They're both metal, so it seems to work.

You might have also noticed the little glass tophats on the table. I've picked these up over time at thrift stores, thinking I might have a use for them some day. And now I'm suspecting it would only be appropriate to use them at a Mad Teaparty and serve in them.... mixed nuts.I'm not sure what else will come of this, but time will tell. I hope to coordinate the mantle in the same room.
Hmmm, time to brew the Earl Grey and get that toast ready for the thrifted toast rack there on the right. Would you prefer butter, jam or a little dormouse?

Hope your coming week doesn't drive you too mad. :)


Linda said...

Very cute, can't wait to see the final table. Love the top hat idea.

Melanie said...

Very cute! Those top hats need a bit of color under them so they stand out a bit better. A little colored heart perhaps? Those teacups are absolutely gorgeous.

AngelMc said...

The table setting made sigh...so lovely. I can just imagine sipping tea and eating crumpets. BTW what is a crumpet?

Jenn Thorson said...

Linda- Heh, me too! It may BE Valentine's Day before I get around to it. :)

Melanie- I totally agree about the need for color in the tophats, although I admit, they're a little bit easier to see in person than in the pics. I need to noodle around with it more, for sure.

Angel- Oh, I had this discussion once with an English friend and never got a good sense of it. As I understand, a crumpet is flat like an English muffin, but more cakey, so a little like a regular muffin, too. I've never had one myself.

I can tell you about scones, though, if you like... I know about them firsthand. :)

dustbunny8 said...

Looking forward to seeing this one finished!Mad Tea party's will be all the rage with the movie coming out this spring.Thanks for sharing the "process"it helps me learn.

whatchafind said...

I love this! One of my favorite things to shop for. Your collection is lovely.

I went through a similar process planning for our "Mad Tea Party". SO fun. For kids and adults alike. :)