No Stained Glass Left Behind

Well, I suppose it's not as bad as some addictions. I mean, the cops won't pull me over and book me for it. I'll never have to endure a cavity search because of it. And in one of those VH1 "Behind the Music" specials, it wouldn't pose much of a Dramatic Downfall.

Still, I do loves me stained glass windows. And I'm not afraid to have one hanging in every window in this house.

As you can see, I liked the arched stained glass panel I'd gotten so much, I'd invested in a slightly
larger one for my livingroom windowseat area. I'd had the pair of shield stained glass windows for years-- one in the center, and one propped in that tricky area I'd corrected recently in that boarded up area.

Now both shield windows are getting some light and, while they've only been up a few hours, it seems to me like they've lived there all along.

Of course, these were the easy ones. What's been an interesting challenge is the painted stained glass window I'm working on for my kitchen!

I was aiming for something to match my brightly colored Fiesta ware. Something streamlined, yet still having a period feel. Given the quirkiness of the dishes, and the fact I have a number of pottery heart molds hanging around, I decided to go with a Rennie MacIntosh (art and crafts period) meets Alice in Wonderland look.

This was my initial design...
I bought an old plain window at Construction Junction architectural salvage today...
(Mind the feet.)

You'll probably all get a chuckle when I tell you how much it set me back. Can you guess?


Well, how about $1.07?

I know; I had to ask the cashier to repeat that myself. Now that's the kind of cost I like in a craft project-- especially one that's an experiment that may go awry.

I still had some stick-on leading from my previous projects. So I started mapping out my design. Here we just have the border...
Now for the start of the MacIntosh roses...
As the piece started to take shape, it also started to deviate a little from my original plan. Not a bad thing-- sometimes flexibility is what makes a craft have character. Here you'll see where I have it now... Most of it is mapped out...
Once I'm completely happy with the design, I'll begin to paint in the color. That's actually the part I've been really looking forward to! But, as you can see, it seems to be shaping up all right.

I think I might cut out a heart shape from paper and try to get those hearts more consistent. It's been challenging adding them by just eyeballing them.

Anyway, that's where it stands. I hope to update you folks with it as it comes to a conclusion. Even if it doesn't work out, we can get some chuckles from the mistakes.

And as always, thanks so much for stopping by and sharing in the fun!


Andrea at My Feathered Nest said...

Gosh and Golly are really showing us all up now. Just kidding. I think that this was your next step up in your projects. (No, not the Jefferson's projects...movin on up) Before long, you'll be painting murals on the walls and the ceiling is next!! LOL
Can't wait to see the completed project.

cometkatt said...

LOVE your Windows - the new design is awesome - can hardly wait to see it - you are very talented -- wanna visit california & play with my windows too?? lol!

Jenn Thorson said...

Andrea- Heh, I like artwork too much to paint murals and wallspace is at a premium these days. However, that CEILING you were mentioning... :)

Katt- LOL-- After about five hours of sitting on the floor bending over the window, I think I'm going to need, um, some recovery time. It's a great thigh workout but... YOW.

TJ Lubrano said...

Oooooh wow! Jenn, this is looking really cool ^_^!! I love the design. You know it reminds me of the stained gladd window with the rose you see in Disney's Beauty and The Beast. It's the part were the story is told how the prince got cursed.

It must look so pretty when the sun shines through your stained glass windows! I think when you're completely done with your home, you can charge people to come and have a look hehe. It's really lovely! I can't wait to see the design colored!

Jenn Thorson said...

TJ- Oh, gosh, thank you. The lines are still a little bit wonky here and there (really hard to make something bendy go in a perfectly straight line) I have a teeny bit more leading I need to tweak this evening, but then I can just wipe off the fingerprints and any extra dust on it, and start painting. I'm pretty excited about that part.

Colleen said...

Some morning coffee, some Thrift Shop Romantic inspiration, and this retiree is ready to go out and meet the day with a brand new outlook! Love the window project. I'm a sucker for stained glass!!

Jenn Thorson said...

Colleen- Hey, any day that starts with some morning coffee is one I can support!

Lemondrop Marie said...

How fabulous! I collected old antique stained glass for a while, I have no more room so I had to stop! But I love it.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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