Watching Paint Dry

I know I'd told a few of you good folks who'd asked how the stained glass window project was going, that I'd have some photos for you of the finished project today.

I like to think that I am merely "Overly Optimistic" and not, in fact, "A Big Fat Liar." But I know that sort of thing can be subject to opinion.

Anyway, I expect to have that post up in a day or two. You see, I have been very, very busy.... watching paint dry.

It was enough to make me laugh, actually, as I was trying to focus on a movie, but my eyes kept darting to the stained glass project on the floor of that room. "I am literally watching paint dry. What is wrong with me?"

The way the glass paint works is it gets considerably darker as it dries. And it seems to creep from its edges to various inner sectors over the course of hours.

So here's been me for the last six hours: "Is it darker there? It's a little darker, I think. Should I try to stand it up and take pictures? No, it's not that dark, it could still run. Should I touch it? No, I'd put a big fingerprint in it. Is it ready now?.... now?.... NOW?!"

I was beginning to even annoy myself.

Of course, I'm sure the moment I turn my back on it, it'll be dry as a bone. It's like those watched pots. Can't trust any of 'em.

See you soon, friends! And (hopefully) with a shiny new project to share.


Andrea said...

I'm laughing, Jenn, because David says that I can't even wait for the food to microwave. I have to open the door and check it and open the door and check it.
I would be just like you......and I WOULD have put the fingerprint on it....
I love, love, love that Alice In Wonderland needlepoint. AWESOME!

Jenn Thorson said...

Andrea- Well, you've made me feel better, anyway, knowing it's not just me, then! :) Hours later and it's mostly dry, but there are still areas that haven't quite made it yet.

It's probably a good thing I have to go to work today, so it can finish drying in peace. :)

Colleen said...

Hey Jenn! I know, I know! I can't wait for the paint to dry my own darnself! But, I'll wait patiently for the big reveal :)