Treasure Box Wednesday: Somebody Else's Treasure

I didn't hit the thrifts and antique malls this weekend. My attentions have been directed more toward wrapping up the draft of my humor novel-- which, happily, I have-- all 530-some manuscript pages of it! (Manuscript pages run about 2-1 on actual book pages.)

It's been a long time coming, let me tell ya. So with another good editorial scrubbing of the draft, hopefully soon, I'll have something truly worth sharing. That was my real treasure for this week: positive progress.

That said, "Why is there a giant deer posterior on your romantic decorating and thrifting blog, Jenn?" you ask.

"Ah," I tell you, "I was just getting to that."

Sometimes, my secondhand adventures lead to items that I do not so much wish to come home with me (please no), but which make me happy by their simply existing, and which need to be documented for posterior-- er, posterity and shared with my blogly buddies. Like this... unique... deer trophy.

We might title this, "The One that (Almost) Got Away."

I also spied this original and possibly hand-made with love (because I suspect it couldn't possibly be mass-produced) banana chandelier.
Doesn't it just make you think of the charm of Carmen Miranda?... The calypso musical stylings of Harry Belafonte... the, er, Clyde from "Every Which Way But Loose"?
I never got a chance to mention to you, that big-eyed pig-dog-Carol Channing-looking painting from the Ohio River Boulevard Antique mall we chuckled about in a post not long ago?-- well, that must have found a home somewhere.

After hanging in that mall for months on its third floor, only a week or two after the post here, it was vanished from its spot.

Did some TSR reader fall in love with it here on the blog and need to make it his or her own? Was it artistic admiration at first sight? Was it the so-tactile black velvet surface? Was it due to falling down laughing and saying, "Hey, won't this be a conversation piece when friends come over?"

I'd love to know. So if one of you dear folks felt inspired to install this art in a spot near and dear to your heart, I hope you'll leave a comment and share with us.

I need closure on this.

Well, must run off now-- like a white-tailed deer through the wall of a second-floor antiques booth. :)


red.neck chic said...

I'm not doing anything but laughing so hard I'm crying...


;-D robelyn

Jenn Thorson said...

Robelyn- You're welcome! That makes my day.

Now, if I can only find out where that big-eyed painting is hanging, I will be a blissfully happy gal!

Lois said... are soooo funny!
You made me laugh and I need that!
Thank you!